Image location in CSV:

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I use a LIDAR sensor in my drone that have a very accurate IMU/GNSS unit that will give me geolocation and orientation (rotations) of all camera locations in a CSV file. I could apply these positions to the exif data of each image, but that is an slow process. I was wondering if there is a different way to provide the camera locations to ODM for processing?

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You could use exiftool Exiftool Tips & Tricks: How to Batch Geotag Drone Photos

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Thanks for the response. Yes, i ca, but exiftools will normally create a new file and with 40mb images (each) and 500-1000 images, the process is very slow. I will normally include the csv file in Agisoft or Pix4D image import tool, and save a lot of time. It seems like a simple feature to allow camera coordinates in csv so was thinking it might be possible.

I don’t know how it affects speed, but you can try exiftool’s -overwrite_original flag.