Image artifacts

Hey all,

I processed my first large project using Lightning and am fairly pleased with the results. I do see a considerable amount of melt and a strange systematic zig along certain lines of the final ortho. See below


Granted this is a pretty small area but I was wondering what factors cause this type of thing and if they can be corrected. I may be pushing the limits of what my 12 MP camera can do at this point and might have to live with some of it but I was wondering if this is a routine issue that can be addresses in the processing parameters.


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What are your processing parameters?

Have you looked into The Missing Guide book to get more acquainted with the ins and outs of the processing pipeline?

Not yet. I actually ordered a hard copy of it and should get it tomorrow. I like books I can not read on screen. Does the book address image quality issues like this and ways they can be handled in the process?

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Processing parameters = All defaults on this project

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Oh, Iā€™m jealous! I only have the PDF copy, but I want the print copy.
It certainly helped me to understand!

Ahh, okay. So try cranking feature and point-cloud quality all the way up, use the 3D mesh option, and try raising the mesh octree depth to its highest. These may be an overshoot, but this combination should get you well along that path :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for all your help. Very much looking forward to getting the book and I ordered the GCP editor.

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