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I have a question: in docker/resources there is a setting for “memory” from 1 to 16. I have in my pc 16 ram and when I work on a project I set this value to 16. When I do not use webODM can I leave this setting to 16 or is better to bring it back to 2 as default? I mean: using the pc does this value effect the normal job or it effect the pc only when I’m using webOdm? And in case what is the best setting for elaborate 80/120 photos reduced to 2100? Sorry for my English I hope the question is clear.Thank you, Davide. FotoRilieviDroni.



It will only allow Docker to use up to 16GB RAM while a task is running that needs it. So, it won’t take much when you’re aren’t running something in Docker.

That being said, I normally recommend folks leave at least 4GB of RAM for the host OS to work with, so I wouldn’t go above 12GB in your case.

Docker also does allocate about 2GB of RAM or so just sitting idle, so if you’re not using it but want to do something else intensive on the computer, it can be best to stop Docker.

As for your photo question, I’m sorry, could you describe it again with more detail? Is 80/120 your overlap/sidelap?


Thank you very much for your message. All now is clear so I’ll keep 12 gb of memory!
80/120 is the typical number of photos that I use in my structure from motion from drone. Overlap usually I use 80%/70%. Something is not yet clear to me: the program can run only in local without a internet connection? Sometimes I’m in areas without internet or mobile connection…


Ah, I understand better! Thanks!

So, with 12GB RAM you should be fine with Task sizes of 120 images, provided they’re not too large in megapixels. It sounds like you’re downsizing them to 2100px on the largest side, right? Should be plenty of RAM!

Be careful when increasing quality parameters (try changing them one at a time), but I think you should be fine.

Yes! WebODM can run offline provided you’re using a local processing node for your Task. If you choose node-odm-1, that will be the processing node for the machine you’re running on. If you choose Lightning, that will require internet access as that is our Cloud Processing platform.

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