I'm getting an error

HI folks:
I’m using Windows 10 with WebODM Manager 1.8.7. Here is the screen I received when it finished but also the ortho image.

But the strang thing is the screen shot says “An orthophoto could not be generated. To generate one, make sure GPS information is embedded in the EXIF tags of your images, or use a Ground Control Points (GCP) file.”

Thanks for your help. My name is Tom Mueller [email protected] 515 745 7588.


I’m not able to post the links to google drive for some reason.

below are the links for the output and the link for the error log in gdrive

I could not post the links so hs the data on the id


You need to put the https : // drive . google . com / open? to access the above links (remove the spaces).

I figured this out, the banana daaset was not very good. So I used a different dataset and it worked.

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Yes, the banana dataset doesn’t have any geographic info, so it doesn’t generate an orthophoto.

Sorry for the auto-blocked links. As a new user, the system was automatically limiting what you could do, and with the holidays, I wasn’t logged in to see the issue.

Welcome to the community, and keep us informed on how things go!

Hey Thanks so much. Thanks for your help.