Ideal computer for ODM?

What is the ideal ODM computer?

How well will a 12 core AMD with 32gig ram computer do?

Decent for sure.

It really all depends upon your processing parameters and datasets, honestly.

You could easily make that OOM with a 100 image dataset, or you could process a much larger dataset with no issue. Parameters are very important to take into consideration.

As of now I have an AMD 6 core and 32gb ram. 83 images took 1h 4m to compute.

Alright. What are your processing settings?

Are you retrieving and storing your results to Solid State or rotating media? Network drive?

What is the single-threaded performance of both processors you have/looking at? That is critical for certain stages of the pipeline that are still single-threaded.

Settings are pretty high and I have the project on a external disk at the moment.

Sounds like you could net some big gains by moving to internal SSD for project storage, or at least external SSD with a good bus.

Parameter tuning can also be a huge factor. Many of the options have strongly diminishing returns vs processing time as they get turned up.

The images gets loaded into WebODM that’s on the internal ssd so that shouldn’t be a bottleneck.

I’m concerned about getting a very accurate xyz because I intend to use it for surveying. So a good ortophoto and a very good pointcloud is my main target.

It can add appreciable time to import/export on large datasets. Also was unsure if you meant you had WebODM installed to the external drive.

Ahh, okay. That helps.

No, the images is on the external drive not the software.

I just learned that lover GSD improves accuracy in xyz. So I need to do another flight.

Just don’t get too low! Makes matching much harder

What would be the optimal lowest altitude for matching lets say forests if we presume the surface under the drone is flat.?

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Fairly homogeneous forest, right? Like, stands of all the same species?

I want to say at least 30m+, but that’s a guess. I mostly did cultivated agricultural fields and storm water infrastructure.

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