IaC build of WebODM, ClusterODM, NodeODM using Terraform, cloud-init and GitHub Actions

Need some time. I think I need to add a counter to the resource then edit the line.


@summitbri Got a build working. Below is the revised code.

resource "azurerm_dev_test_global_vm_shutdown_schedule" "nodeodm" {
  count              = var.nodeodm_servers
  virtual_machine_id = azurerm_linux_virtual_machine.nodeodm[count.index].id
  location           = azurerm_resource_group.rg.location
  enabled            = true

  daily_recurrence_time = "2300"
  timezone              = "Central Standard Time"

  notification_settings {
    enabled = false

I’ve also edited the repo, and fixed the error you found. Thank you!

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@cken Just tested, works great! Thank you!!


Here is a thread on how to do it:

Adding autoscaling to Azure - ClusterODM - OpenDroneMap Community

Basically need to use a S3 proxy which exist in marketplace and also on github. Then you need to create .js file similiar to that of AWS and Digital Ocean


My plan is to use a deployment for WebODM’s webapp and worker, plus additional deployments for broker and databases. I am hoping to use ClusterODM to spin off separate nodes outside the Kubernetes cluster instead of trying to figure out how to use HPA with NodeODM. Alas, as can be seen by my post history, I haven’t yet figured out why I can’t upload pictures to my WebODM instance. :slight_smile:

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