I want to convert sensor data to a heat map in ODM

I’ve been getting more involved with raspberry pis and I was curious if I could somehow feed ODM a data set from a gas sensor to develop a heat map based on the readings?

It’s unlikely to be the right tool. Can you say more about what you’re trying to do?

Basically I want to attach a raspi with a gas sensor and attach it to my drone and fly a grid mission. Just how ODM stitches images together, I want something that can stitch together these results from the sensor and make a heat map with the data

I am not sure if ODM is the right tool.
Are you able to get a gas reading and location stored in a file?
I would suggest perhaps looking at QGIS which has a heatmap plugin. The gas sampling values get plotted based on their location and higher values can be plotted to what ever scale you would like.
The measured gas values could become the z value in a xyz data file. Use what ever smoothing technique to interpolate between the sampled locations to give you a 3D surface of gas concentrations or hot spots. CloudCompare may also be able to help with visualization of the spatial data.

If you use QGIS you could have an UAV orthophoto geotiff as an underlay to the gas concentration heat map.
Here’s a link to video that may also provide some guidance.
Heat map tutorial QGIS


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