I need some technical teachings about the TILES endpoint from WebODM

I see that this endpoint below can bring the tiles from the orthophoto to present in web map, but what I don’t understand is, What, in coding, is necessarily besides the odm_orthophoto.tiff?

url(r’projects/(?P<project_pk>[^/.]+)/tasks/(?P[^/.]+)/(?P<tile_type>orthophoto|dsm|dtm)/tiles/(?P[\d]+)/(?P[\d]+)/(?P[\d]+)@(?P[\d]+)x.png$’, Tiles.as_view()),

For understanding:
I’m trying to upload a several GeoTIFF images on media tasks and I want to use the previous endpoint to convert this tiff on tiles and show on map. is this possible right? I know that it is made on webodm, but just for one GeoTIFF. What do you think about it? Thank you very much community! :thinking:

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