I am new here and my partner and I have been doing maps

Here are some of our maps. We are new to this. Glad to be here

College Campus

Night 3D model


Row home in Baltimore City with lot to scale(in blue)and furniture to scale in rooms in the house. Just a different view of the house.

Randome City In Austria


Florida neighborhood

Are these maps good? Are they hard to do or can all of guys on this board do them?
I am asking because i am not familiar with how difficult this stuff is or if all this stuff is easy for you guys also.
My partner builds all this stuff but he doesn’t talk much about it. I am trying to figure out if we can do a buisness with this stuff. I think it is really cool. I bought a leica blk 360 which is a laser scanner and that does really cool things. Then i bought a big drone that we can put a sensor that has 5 infered bands of lights that takes pictures plus a regular 5k camera. Most of all of the models above were done with a Mavic
We can also build stuff for other people if people wanted for cheap.
My partner said that he was just able to build this stuff with open resources(i think this means its free) which makes our cost point basically zero.
After reading this it will be clear my partner is the smart one and it may be clear why he doesnt talk to me that much but anyway.
Any help would be appreciated and any help we can provide others we would be willing. My partner is a really good guy. Any help would be appreciated