Hung up Pulling from opendronemap/webodm_db

Hey guys, got the web ODM Manager and having issues getting anything to run.
Currently got as far as this when i click start WebODM

Starting webapp … done
e[1BNo containers to start
Pulling db (opendronemap/webodm_db:latest)…
latest: Pulling from opendronemap/webodm_db

Hi @nick_lantz the download can take several minutes to a few hours to complete (depending on your internet speed). Have you gotten any errors during the download or did it just “hang”? How long have you left the process running?

The opendronemap/webodm_db image is about 220 MB in size.

Internets wicked slow and it times out. I’m on backwoods satellite internet. Heading in to town to download in the morning on the laptop. Is there anyway I can share what my laptop downloads and import it onto my desktop fairly easy ? Usbstick ?

Not easily I’m afraid. You would have to setup your own docker registry (, make a copy of the images and change the path of the docker images (or pull them manually on the target machine and retag them).

You bring up an important point however, the ability to download and carry the software in areas where internet is not reliable.

I have opened an issue here: