Howdy from the southwest!

Hey everyone!

It’s me, from the dry, parched, drought-stricken southwest.

This past week has been a crash course in areal photography.

I am trying to better understand an overused watershed in Arizona.

I’m going to charter a flight with a pilot to fly a small plane over parts of the watershed. I’d love to
use open drone maps to stitch together the photos to create higher-resolution imagery than
Google can provide.

Because I have so much land to cover, a drone wouldn’t really work.

Has anyone used open drone maps with photos taken from much higher up?

The forum here is so full of information, and I can’t wait to become an expert, and starting help people, as so many people have helped me.




Sounds like a very valuable project.

I can’t confirm for certain, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work, provided you still maintain adequate overlap and sidelap!

If you do collect the data and are able, I’m sure we’d all love to have access to it in the Datasets subforum:

Re overlap:
I’m developing a flight plan now, and trying to ensure that I can get that sweet, sweet 60% forward overlap, and 30% side overlap.

I’d be happy to contribute some of my high altitude shots to the dataset.

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Hey @countingCrows :hand: welcome. Yes you can use ODM to stitch higher altitude images. We’ve done so even with historical datasets Stitching Historical Aerial Images From 1940 Using OpenDroneMap - OpenDroneMap


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