How to use "orthophoto-reslotion" with images without GPS or GCP?

Goal is to control the resolution of the orthophoto created by ODM.

In this use case there are around 100 images of high resolution (~8000pcX~5300px). These images do not have any GPS info in their EXIF data, nor is there a GCP file. Stitching all these images together using “orthophoto-resolution=X” produces an orthophoto with a different resolution than stitching a small (~10) subset of these images together with the same “orthophoto-resolution=X” set.

Now things I would like to know are:

  • Is this expected behavior?
  • Might this be because of the missing GPS/GCP? If so, can this be mitigated by created artificial GPS/GCP?
  • Is there a way to just say: use the highest possible resolution you can using my set of images?

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