How to use odm_orthophoto to stitch well

i user docker to install OpenDroneMap,i use firefox and my operating system is ubuntu 16.04 LTS

my problem is why the result have so many holes,some palces have not stitch well
my runtime parameter like this:
CPU:intel core i7-3770
images counts:20
docker command: docker run -it --rm
-v $(pwd)/images:/code/images
-v $(pwd)/odm_orthophoto:/code/odm_orthophoto

i want to konw how to improve stitch quality,is it need some parameter or this software have this problem

Try setting --texturing-skip-visibility-test, or --use-25dmesh.

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thanks,i want to know these settings is used docker or python source

These setting will work with both docker and the python script.

Thank you very much, the setting help me,i have used this settings “–texturing-skip-visibility-test” ,so i have got this result

it is better than the first picture, but the left of picture, the road is still little hole,

and som places have not stitch well, like this

i want to know is it a better situation or some methods still can improve it

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