How to use ground control as Check Points instead of your typical GCPs

Howdy. Is there a way to directly use targets as check points instead of GCPs in WebODM? I believe someone else had this question in the past and the answer to it appeared to be no at the time, just wondering if this has changed in recent times.

What do you mean by Check Points? How/what do you wish to have happen with the Check Point workflow you’re thinking of?

I want to use them just for checking the accuracy of the model, instead of using them to actually help with the georeferencing of the model. It’s similar to what Pix4D does (Using checkpoints - PIX4Dmapper Questions/Troubleshooting - Pix4D Community)

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Ahh, thanks for the link.

At the moment, no, we don’t have a concept of Check Points (nor Manual Tie Points).

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Any chance it could be possible to do this in the paid version of ODM?

Sure, it could be possible there, as well. Though if we implemented these features at all in OpenDroneMap, it’d almost certainly be implemented across the FOSS versions as well as Lightning and the Easy Installers.

We just don’t have these features implemented yet. Are you interested in a funding campaign or direct funding of development of this feature (and/or code contribution)?

Got it, thank you. Will potentially look at some coding contribution at some point. For now I was curious about whether or not it could be done.

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Thanks for considering code contributions!

I’ve created an issue to track some additional types of Control Points here:
Feature Request: Additional Control Point Types · Issue #1302 · OpenDroneMap/ODM (

And Piero is already exploring implementing Scale Constraints here:
[Feature] Scale constraints support · Issue #1071 · OpenDroneMap/ODM (

So I certainly think it is possible! I’m not sure if you’d need to work within ODM or possibly upstream, or some combination of the two.

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Awesome. I’ll take a look at them, thanks for sharing.

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Just mark your gcp’s and checkpoints before you fly. Use only gcp’s to georeference in Web ODM.Then bring the orthophoto and the text delimited control file (gcp’s and checkpoints) into QGIS. You can manually check the diff between the measured check point and the checkpoint in the photo. If you have enough checkpoints you calc standard difference. Not a built in solution but it will provide an answer. M


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