How to use fake ground control points for poorman drone pilots with low cost drones

I am sending you this series of photos as a mini tutorial to get control points from geographic services,

ortophoto without gcps
get pont control coordinates with a geographic service or QGIS

do a txt file with notepad or another text writter with 5 gcps as ODM bible said

drag to the webodm gcps menu

load images, 3 minimun, of one gcp s

be aware to clean and erase the brown points that appear only when both points are green is ok

final file that we save with the photos to be uploaded in webodm, it is convenient to give it an initial letter and number similar to the photo encoding to be able to easily join this file with the photos to be processed if we save several types of files with the photos

Final result of the same orthophoto with the 5 false gpcs.
It is not clear to me the transition from EPSG coordinate systems to the one made by the WSG 84 program, etc., but apparently it works well


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