How to use created username and password

Hi all,
I’m freshly new to WebODM and I’d like to learn a lot more from it. I was somehow able to use webODM after my first try installing it. After running my first map, I decided to turn my laptop off since I didn’t need to use it. Today, I ran docker again but it put me in the welcome screen where I had to sign up again. How do I use the username and password that I created?? Will I be able to see my work again if that is the case?


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It sounds like your original setup was somehow reset, and in that case, you wouldn’t have access to those older Tasks that you processed any longer.

This should not happen, so I don’t anticipate you needing to worry about this going forward.

Ok great!
I tried again today and same thing happened unfortunately :frowning: should I click somewhere else in the docker app? Surprisingly, webODM let me use the same username and password to sign up but of course, my completed map was not there…

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There should never be a reset unless you ask for it within Docker settings.

There is an option to clear all data.

Can you please screenshot your docker settings?

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