How to update to ODM 3.0?

Hey everyone, quick question. How do I go about updating to 3.0? I did see in the Github the 3.0 release, but that seems to be the command line version. Is 3.0 available for the desktop version as well? I received the email that 3.0 has been released, when I click the link, it’s wanting me to buy the software again. I actually had to buy the software twice because for some reason the first time I purchased it I had lost a bunch of emails and lost my download link. I don’t see a login on the main page to verify my purchase, but I’m assuming I do not have to purchase the software again to get 3.0.


If you’ve got native windows desktop app, just go to the tools menu and check for updates, 3.0 is included in the latest update

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Mine is telling me I have the latest version but when I load up webODM it says I’m on version 1.9.16



that is the version of the web interface (webodm) The ODM (node) version can be viewed by clicking on processing nodes (node-odm-1) engine version.


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