How to trace back (locate) individual images from digital models

Hello all,

For the completed digital models such as orthoimage and DSM, is there any way to see where each image belongs to the digital model?

For example, I would like to see where the individual image is specifically located in the orthophoto.
Does WebODM have any features for this visualization? or is there any response file that has this information?

Thank you!

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Turn on the camera display and click on the icon above the area of interest to show which image it is.


(image missing here due to it having been deleted from the temp directory from which I load)


You can also load the shots.geojson from the reports directory and overlay it in something like QGIS. It has some Metadata you may want.


this was what I was looking for. Thanks!


does this also work for DSM?

Any layers you requested in the 2D view can have shots overlaid.

Reconstructed camera positions can be shown in 3D view as well.

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