How to specify locations to determine specific Map coordinatess during photo collection of map project

What are possible methods for selecting locations to determine specific map / gps coordinates after post processing? Can a photo be taken centered on each location where specific GPS or map coordinates are needed? Would a GCP marker be necessary and if so what is the smallest size or type suggested? I am hoping that i can take a photo in some way to include in my survey photo processing that can ensure a high resolution photo of the area with specific coordinates of a point is easily selected and coordinates determined.

Basically, is there a way to programmatically select a location in the photos and then determine the GPS coordinates without having to locate and select after processing? Can this targeted photo then be associated with this location for future reference?

If you use QGIS can move ,center and ajust the raster photo or orthophoto with the tool freehand QGIS Georeferencing Freehand - YouTube and exit whit a more or less accurate georeference