How to revert WebODM from 1.2 to 1.1?


Since I failed to update WebODM (Docker on Ubuntu 18.04) to v1.2, how should I revert to v1.1? Because I have accumulated a lot of processed data open to the public I hope to recover the service as soon as possible.
I have backed up the volumes of dbdata and appmedia before the update. I will reinstall WebODM v1.1 by using the git clone command but I am not sure if the following syntax is correct or not. Please help. Thanks.

git clone -b “Tagged release 1.1.0” GitHub - OpenDroneMap/WebODM: User-friendly, commercial-grade software for processing aerial imagery. 🛩 --config core.autocrlf=input --depth 1


You’ll need to modify the docker-compose files to reference the WebODM webodm_webapp version you need. Docker

May I ask what issues you are having with 1.2?