How to natively install ODM with GPU accelerate?

I natively install ODM, while, when I use my natively ODM, the gpu useage did not seem increased, so, I want to know the method how to natively install ODM with gpu accerlate which support cuda.

Thanks a lot!!

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Really good question…

Have you looked at how the GPU-enabled Docker image is being built/modified?


Thanks a lot for your reply!
I see the link, it seems like a docker configuration list.
And I still do not know how to make it. The cuda version I have is 11.1, not as the link above 11.2.
I’m wondering if I could check a cmake label, something like CUDA or GPU, I have checked the source code, and I saw some .cpp files have the name with “cuda”.

It looks like a ton of environment variables are being set as well.

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