How to make money with mavic mini and WebODM

I have the idea to innovate and gain experience in project development, I would like to earn money doing projects, the following occurs to me

Calculation of volumes with photogrammetry for road or point constructions
3D modeling of buildings
Elevation mapping and terrain measurements

Any ideas or advice?

Any area to innovate?

All of these are technical solutions provided by ODM, but a business with happy customers is much more than that. Instead of starting with tools, I would suggest you start with a customer. Talk to someone who might need those services (and can pay for them). Learn about how they work and what they need, and then see where the tools fit in to that picture.


Wow, very aspiring for just a Mavic Mini. You need to know if the Mavic Mini can do it and you can do it as well that is good enough to please a customer willing to pay you for the output. Some clients think the charge is too much, some clients easily pay a couple hundred or more but the drones used are upper-end drones. If you can get great results with a Mini then it would work. The clients don’t really know what you use or else they would do it themselves. They just care about the results that they can use for their clients to make them look better.

I know it seems big to have a thousand or more in equipment but when you get more Professional at it, a couple thousand for more equipment pays for itself.