How to keep the Maximum Resolution in the orthoimage

How i can force WEBODM keep maximum resolution.
1 cm/pixel
I used this setup : Auto-boundary: true, feature-quality: ultra, orthophoto-resolution: 1, verbose: true

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Is your data actually capture at 1cm/px?

If not, you’ll need to use a parameter that is very tricky to use.

If it is, then we might have a problem since the GSD generally should not calculate wrong.

If you have sufficient memory --ignore-gsd will do the trick.

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I used WebODM Lightning online treatment node,(with Credits) could it have insufficent memory ?

The images are in fact 1,26 cm/Pixel.

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We cap things to 1cm/px in Lightning and disallow --ignore-gsd, so try adding the following locally:
–dem-resolution 1
–orthophoto-resolution 1

OK Thanks for your fast response,

Will try it on our side.


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