How to install WebODM on Ubuntu server?

With command lines.

git clone --config core.autocrlf=input --depth 1
cd WebODM
./ start
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Hi smathermather - a concise response but isn’t there way more to it that just these lines of code?

I purchased the server script today and have not had any success making it work at all. No matter what I do ./ start continually complains that I don’t have Docker installed - and of course I don’t because I’m trying to do it natively. Or maybe I’m completely wrong - but there is nothing to guide me in the instructions that come with the script.

Aren’t there prerequisites to this script? Like understanding where you are in the file system when you run this command? You also don’t run as sudo so are you running the command as root?

Would you be able to give a little more detail for a newbie trying to understand this process better?

I’m certainly no expert here and would not consider my answer definitive… I’m not familiar with the script but you need to provide a little more info if you want some help… what kind of machine you are trying to install on… at home? on the cloud? windows or ubuntu? The native install is not for rookies in my opinion. You can install this on a cloud server in a matter of minutes and if you screw it up you can delete it and start over. Once you have it running maybe you can try to set it up at home.

Duh… sorry I suppose the heading suggests you are attempting an install on Ubuntu.

If you purchased the script and are having trouble, follow up with @pierotofy.

What I send you is literally all you need to do to run on docker on Ubuntu. Run that in a terminal, and in a few minutes, depending on network speed, WebODM will be up and running. It’s truly that simple.

Thanks @yawstick and @smathermather,

I have figured it out and got things working. I was trying to do a demo run on my laptop at home before going to a server situation in the office.
But I found the only way to get success was to:

  1. Install Docker-CE
  2. Then run the server script (which installs all the other required components)
  3. Then start WebODM by running “./ start” as sudo in the webodm folder (root directory)

It appears as though node-opendronemap and webODM both need Docker to function in Ubuntu.

Am I correct in this respect?


Ah good point on the docker installation. It’d be awesome if you could add that to the install instructions and submit a pull request!