How to increase point cloud density for images captured at low height flight?

I have 184 images captured at 10m height, I want to analyze the fine details of the growth of grass in the field. I have set the orthophoto-resolution: 0.2 to get a fine orthomosaic tif file at 2mm/pixel.
I’ve tried to tweak pc-quality to ultra high, 90million point cloud could be generated. When pc-qualtiy was set to high, about 20million cloud point could be generated.
How to increase the density of cloud point except pc-quality for those low height images?

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You might have luck with increasing the min-num-features, perhaps.


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I’ve also tried it on metashape to build dense cloud under “high” setting. The point cloud is about 120million.
And I found the laz file by metashape was much denser in CloudCompare.

ODM: crop: 0, dem-resolution: 0.2, dsm: true, feature-quality: ultra, ignore-gsd: true, orthophoto-resolution: 0.2, pc-filter: 0, pc-quality: ultra


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Although the density of point cloud were 90million in ODM vs 120million in metashape, it seems like that the point cloud in ODM was located in 3D stereoscopic display, some points were vertically distributed. But those points in metashape was mostly located at the surface.

You’ve disabled point cloud filtering, that’s why you see extra noise in ODM’s point cloud. Remove pc-filter: 0.

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Thank you, smathermather-cm.
I have set to the default pc-filter: 2.5, but the point cloud still seems to be displayed in 3D stereoscopic.
When I have slightly drag the mouse, the points seemed to be placed in a vertical line.

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