How to improve the quality of an ortophoto?

I’m new here,this is the first time i’m using WebODM! I’m very excited about the possibility to create my 3D models with a cloud and opensource software but my first results ARE NOT good when i compare it with the ones that i can get from other commercial softwares. I think the problem could be related to some wrong setting or something like that!
Can anyone help me?
In this link you can find the ortophoto about a moto crash done with WebODM and a folder with all the original images and a good ortophoto.
My goal is to obtain the same results with WebODM.
Thank you!

Interesting use case, my only recommendation is to turn on --use-3dmesh, --use-opensfm-dense and --opensfm-depthmap-method BRUTE_FORCE.

After that, you might want to try undistorting the images manually before feeding them in WebODM. Other software is probably handling the undistortion better, so lowering the “fish-eye” effect before processing could lead to better results.

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Thank you very much Piero!
now i’m trying with your settings, thanks for your help!