How to get pose from shot in reconstruction.json

Following from the post,

pose = shot.pose

but shot dont have attribute called pose. here are the attributes of shot
{‘rotation’: [1.5854896963247729, -0.12476936903940479, 0.008493908445915507],
‘translation’: [47.36082101311921, 537.9664018217298, 13.741220414358704],
‘camera’: ‘v2 5760 2880 spherical 0.85’,
‘orientation’: 1,
‘capture_time’: 1639826222.0,
‘gps_dop’: 10.0,
‘gps_position’: [-8.199110207800036, -2.62234557906595, 540.1094722272828],
‘vertices’: [],
‘faces’: [],
‘scale’: 1.0,
‘covariance’: [],
‘merge_cc’: 0}

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The Shot class contains member Pose, defined by translation and rotation

Or you can check the older opensfm version which implements shot, pose in python, would be easier to understand (I’m not sure if it’s still working with the newly created reconstruction.json though)

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