How to Get a Map With a Scale That May Be Printed

I am coming from a trial of DroneDeploy. One of the exports is a pdf 11X17 printable pdf with a scale. I see my map overlayed on Google Map with a scale, however, it is not printable.

In addition, this particular first map did not come out neatly and though has all the information I need, should be cropped, something I was able to do with the tiff file in PS. (I made it a neat rectangle.) I could convert this to a pdf, however, there is no scale.

How can I obtain something not for sharing via a link but something which generates a file that I can share or print? .(Even if I shared it, the map I created is not cropped and irregularly shaped. I want a neat rectangle.)

DroneDeploy has a way to crop prior to generating the map with a scale. I have been unable to find instructions on how to do that with this software.

I just learned about QGIS which apparently is even free. Is it possible to crop the tiff image in PS and load it with QGIS and generate a map with a scale which can be printed?

I would suggest QGis that’s free.

You can import your TIF and make a map view where you can ad a north arrow and scale bar.
It’s also easy so set a scale.

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Can you crop it. My result is pretty uneven. I was able to crop the tiff in PS but that loses the geotagging necessary for QGIS.

You can make a mask and cut the tif with that directly in QGis.

Its a bit of a learning curve in QGIS : ( you will have to search help for details. It does have good help docs though)
-Drag the orthophoto into a QGIS project

  • create a new polygon shapfile layer
    '- begin editing the polygon shapefile layer
  • add a rectangle to match your proposed crop extents
  • stop editing and save edits
  • go to the processing toolbox plugin -under GDAL pick Clip raster by extent.
  • use the orthophoto as the input layer and use the polygon shape file as the clipping extent
  • click run / your cliped ortho will be inserted into the project. It should have all the Geotiff info.

QGIS has a print layout feature too. Good luck


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