How to georeference orthophotos with QGIS without ground control points for poor drone pilots with low cost drones

  1. We start by opening QGIS and load the freehand raster georeferencer tool
  2. In the window we check that the freehand tool is loaded and we add a layer of some WMS service that covers the area where we have made the flight, we look for an adequate scale,

    3º) With the tool now we load the ODM orthophoto,

    4º) Now we have active buttons to move, scale and rotate the orthophoto



last Move

finally we save !! the well geolocated raster

Now we have a normal raster that can remove black borders and uninteresting areas with the tools of the raster menu of QGIS.

The final output can be shared on this link more details of maphup in Map Hub for sharing maps - #47 by cherrmax


What’s wrong with the default and built in tool?

The raster geo referencer works great last time I checked.

I understand that the raster geo referencer only do a georeferencer of a true raster not a “near raster” that is the ouput of webodm or odm output when you do the process without ground control points…if there is another method explain it , im a low level QGIS thanks.

What’s a “near raster”?

The raster of orthophoto of a cheap drone without ground contol points

Its just TIF file with some bad gps information.

You can even geo reference a PDF

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