How to generate tie points efficiently

Hi, I am trying to export sfm results to BlocksExchange XML format, which is used by Context Capture or other 3d reconstruction software. In this format, one needs to export tie points, which is the list of correspondence of the reconstruted 3d points and the image coordinates. I’m trying the following steps to achieve this:

  1. read the opensfm reconstruction data;
  2. project each reconstructed points to every images to get the coordinates and then save it.

But it seems this method is very time-consuming (maybe several hours for ~ 2M reconstructed points), especially when the reconstruted points count is very large. So I want to know:

  1. Is there a more effient way to export the tie points?
  2. Can I constrain the reconstructed point number?

Thank you.

Update: opensfm can export visualsfm points in NVM format, which is very similar to BlocksExchange format, I think I can get some clues from it.
Hope this information can help someone who encounters the same problem.

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