How to generate odm orthophoto_tiles?

Hello all, I am a new in using ODM and everything regarding UAV, so i’m sorry if i am asking the obvious question. I am trying to generate an orthophoto_tiles when using --fast-orthophoto. I am wondering if it is even possible because i could not find any folder regarding orthophoto_tiles inside the project output. Also, why does the mve folder generated when i am using --use-3dmesh or --skip-3dmodel but not when i am using --fast-orthophoto?

Hi @Etehers,

Good questions. ODM doesn’t generate tiles. Those are created in WebODM in a post-processing step. Actually, this is a bit of a legacy, because now WebODM uses Cloud Optimized GeoTIFFs (COGs), but this isn’t relevant to your questions.

--fast-orthophoto bypasses the creation of dense point clouds in MVE in order to run much faster. As MVE dense point clouds aren’t generated, there’s no need to create the folder.

When you set --use-3dmesh it can’t use that mesh unless it’s done the MVE step. Without digging in, I’m not sure what’s happening when you run --skip-3dmodel.

I hope this helps!

Hi @smathermather,

The answer was very helpful. Thus, these means that if i want to generate tiles i need to use only the WebODM ? and does it indicate that using ODM does not produced a result in anyway better than when using the WebODM ? Is there anyway to skip the generating MVE step when using the --skip-3dmodel other than using the --fast-orthophoto ? I’m thankful for you guidance and hope to learn more about ODM.