How to export a coordinate file with orthophotos (JGW?)

Is there a way to export a coordinate file with orthophotos (say JGW?).
I’m trying to import the image in AutoCAD and a file like JGW would be great. I downloaded all assets, but couldn’t find it. Or do you know of any other way to scale and place the image correctly? Thanks!

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Our GeoTIFFs are georeferenced with metadata. You can use something like QGIS to create a worldfile from the GeoTIFFs.


JPG files are compressed files and sometimes AutoCAD takes a lot of time to process. Hence, as pointed by Saijin_Naib, I use GeoTiffs only.

Recently, I found this YouTube Video which helped me importing Orthomosaic in AutoCAD


Thanks both! Yes, I do use TIFFs too. I’ve never used QGIS, but I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the video too!