How to enable sharing for a project in WebODM

I have WebODM running on my cloud server and have processed a few maps as test. I would like to be able to create a link that I can send to a client so they can view the map without needing to log in.
I can’t figure out how to enable sharing for a given project.

From the Map View, press the “Share” button.

Yes, understood but when I go to the map view, there is not a share button there.
Is there a setting or permissions that I need to change to get the share button to show?

Huh, that’s odd! This could be a bug. What browser are you using?

Oh, make sure you are selecting an individual task (from the dashboard, expand a project, then select a task, then press that tasks’s “View Map” button, don’t use the one that’s next to the project name).

I am using Google Chrome version 70.0.3538. Server is running on Google cloud.
I am selecting an individual task and going to the map that way

OK. Nope hold on. I am doing some more testing and I can get the button to show in an incognito tab on chrome.
It must be an extension that I have installed.
Let me do some more testing and I’ll let you know what I can find

@pierotofy It was the tamper monkey extension on Chrome. When I remove the extension it works fine! :man_facepalming:
Thanks for your help!