How to do camera animation in WebODM

Working hard to have the international headquarters of the ODM workshop ready for 2024…I am rehabilitating this noble house from the year 1720 for rural tourism uses, there is no problem in using it as the venue for an ODM workshop…the ideas for improve the point cloud in this exercise are appreciated…greetings from the north of Spain .truebo3d - YouTube …how is used the animation cam feature ?
imagen edit 06/18/2022 add captures of the cam animation feature

Animation cam feature Potree visor in webODM - YouTube
but i dont know how to insert control points… this is done by the trial and error method that is the basis of recreational programming.


It is a keypoint-based camera animation. So, you place a node for the camera position and orientation, and then it will interpolate that to the next camera position/orientation.

I believe this type of keyframe-based camera work is very similar to how it is implemented in Pix4D, Blender, etc.

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thanks i will search on Pix4D because there are not doc help on potree

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Updated and edited , can more clever users explain to insert control points and how potree archived the ouput files to recovery??

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PoTree does not currently save/load animation keypoints in our version. We had to disable this to fix an issue with the PoTree viewer permanently breaking for a Task if the user created and deleted keypoints in a certain order.


AHHH… I beguin to do a reverse engineering and try to open webodm points cloud in Potree Desktop and continue my training…to be continued…

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Done, …drunk with ego centrism and self affirmation.

only 4 red points in center of the screen that dont understand its use


Hey Ricardo,

Looks good!

Those are point of interest for the camera orientations.


Tutorials — OpenDroneMap 2.8.5 documentation


Thanks …I did not inform myself previously with the tutorial … but in reality the point generation system to do the camera movement cannot currently be done with the potree viewer embedded in webodm as Saijin reported, in order to put a note on the tutorial… finally I couldn’t use the files generated in the Potree viewer, the original, something escapes me about the interaction with web pages I guess. Too much code for a newbie.

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