How to create jpeg from 3D model

Hi everyone,

I am new here and have a couple of quick questions.

  1. When I create the 3d model in ODM is there a way to generate a .jpeg image from the model.?

  2. I have a set of images from my project that was created in Drone Deploy. It is a simple flight plan that runs simply up and down the area taking pictures. I want to redo the project, but with a cross-hatch flight plan to gather more data. The question is, can I merge the 2 data sets together, or will that cause conflicts and issues in the final render?


For your point 1, I just use Print Screen and paste into GIMP, adjust as necessary, then export as a JPEG image.


I was just reading your reply again, have missed a word or two, or are you saying you import the file into GIMP? Does GIMP support 3D models?

Not an import, just pasting in a screen grab. JPG format is only 2D, so it wont be a 3D model once it is converted into a JPG.
You can do 3D transformations of a 2D image in GIMP, but can’t move an image around in 3D as in ODM.

On your Q2, if you use the original images and fly a new pattern at right angles, I don’t think there will be any issue, assuming they are nadir or near to nadir images.

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Ah OK, I see what you are saying now.


I just noticed the missing words you alluded to, which were there, but I had put <> around it, which made it vanish when posted, despite being visible in the edit window.

Haha, at least it wasn’t just me being dense then!


This should work provided the flight plans have sufficient overlap/sidelap between them, and the scene/lighting isn’t terribly different.

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