How to? Contour lines and .dxf file

Hey, got two questions…

  1. How do I export or find the contour lines/map? I’ve searched and I see where this feature is a plugin but can’t figure out how to add it or get it working.

  2. Same question but how do I get a .dxf file?

Also, I see in options that I can save a LAS file as opposed to the default LAZ so I’m going to try that out on my next test… Hopefully it’ll work.

Thanks in advance!

I, too, would be very interested in this…

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It’s one of the buttons on the right when you open the map view.

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when I open WebODM the task that successfully completed on the Lightning Network, and I downloaded the assets from, shows an error “Invalid route for taskid fd39c187-bcf9-4fff-9527-a851f00ec3ba:info, no task table entry” on my Dashboard. It wants me to Restart - no map view or anything.
H-E-L-P… B(

I imported the ZIP file back into WebODM and got all of the data back.
I’m trying to export a contour DXF now.

BTW: Are meters the only units that can be exported?

I’m not sure which contour settings to use to export a U.S. feet DXF file?

Only meters so far. We need to add support for a ft conversion.