How To Clear NodeODM Processing Queue

Please can you elaborate a little further as to how I clear the node processing queue. Thank you kindly, H

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You can clear the faulty job manually by editing the tasks.json, or clear the entire processing history (current, past, queued) by deleting the tasks.json entirely.


Wow that is incredibly quick to receive a response and thank you.

However I am a complete and utter novice and would not know where to find the tasks.json

Any assistance or guidance very much appreciated, thank you, H

Are you using the Docker version or something else?

Typically, the tasks.json will be under the NodeODM directory.

Docker Version

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And where might I find the NodeODM directory

Checking a running process in WebODM – Smathermather’s Weblog

Can you check this process to see if you can find the nodeodm directory in the docker image?

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