How to activate the plant health in WebODM?

Hello ,

I’m trying tu use the plant health in Webodm. I released my WebODM but i dont know how can i use it and I dont see anywhere in the interface the plant health feature.

I need a help for this.


Hopefully these screenshots help:

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Hi ,

thank you for helping me. I dont know if there is for my version or no but i just have this menu. In where can in this menu can i see the plant health?

I’m new in ODM.


Make sure you are running the latest version (1.3.2), check from the “Diagnostic” panel.

I have this

Ok then navigate to the map viewer and click the “Plant Health” button from the top right corner.

Thank you verry much. I selected some images and runt it before navigate to the map viewer. It works now.
But why I dont have the others options to select others algorithms?


So one comment : in the below image , this link does not work. If it’s possible to fix it