How Nepalese Engineers Used A Single Phantom Drone to Map 138km of Roads

While this team used Pix4D instead of ODM, I think the whole case study is extremely interesting. The photogrammetry software is a side note, in my opinion. Especially interesting:

  • Small team of LOCAL experts
  • One drone
  • 26 days
  • 249 flights
  • 2,500 images/day, 78,000 images total
  • Creative workflow for data management, parallel processing

This is really fantastic. Now we need to get werobotics to go FOSS… .


Yeah, I expect Pix gives them most of their processing for free, but I would think WeRobotics would be open to an alternative pipeline. Especially if we offered to help them figure it out. Seems like ODM would make a ton of sense for some of their local programs. Do you know Patrick Meier?

I know Patrick – he wrote a letter of support for the Humanitarian Innovation Fund grant we got a few years ago, so in principle, I assume so. I’ve had it on my list to reach out for a few months. Maybe I should just ping him on Twitter.

Cool. I follow him on Twitter and we know a couple of people in common, but I don’t really know him myself. Happy to help/support the effort, though.