How much RAM can ODM handle?

I am discussing an upcoming test using ODM on Azure with the MS technicians who are asking if ODM will be capable of using 12TB RAM (if they make that available to us)

They really want to know what resources are necessary to process a dataset of 56k images.
Ideally, the output should be a textured mesh.
Time: x days

Any help or advice is appreciated

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It’s 64Bit so it should be able to address lots of memory.


AFAIK, 12TB should be fine, but probably unnecessarily large. I can’t imaging needing more than 5TB RAM for that, more likely something closer to 2-4, depending on settings (assuming you use an 1-2x sized SSD swap). If you don’t use swap, then you might need that much.

For reference, you probably need 256GB of combined RAM and swap for 5000 images, and RAM generally scales linearly (I have yet to see an exception).


Thanks for this very useful info.


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