How long for this task to complete, looks like it's hanging

Does anyone have an idea how long this task should take to complete? It’s been going for about 45 hours straight. No error messages. Overall system CPU usage at 4% and RAM usage at 94%,

Docker resources settings: max CPU’s 3; RAM 48GB; the rest are all the default values.

Dataset from area: approximately 2.2 hectares of mostly flat (slight fall) property, some trees along two edges and a berm along one edge.

Task: 171 photos at 12MP each, GCP list (13x GCP’s)

Processing Node: node-odm-1 (auto)

Options: pc-classify: true, orthophoto-png: true, min-num-features: 12000, smrf-slope: 0.05, rerun-from: dataset, use-3dmesh: true, orthophoto-resolution: 2.2, dtm: true, dem-resolution: 2.2, mesh-size: 2000000, texturing-keep-unseen-faces: true, debug: true, pc-rectify: true, pc-ept: true, crop: 0, pc-las: true, dsm: true, max-concurrency: 3, texturing-tone-mapping: gamma, dem-euclidean-map: true, pc-csv: true, verbose: true, use-hybrid-bundle-adjustment: true

DropBox link to Task Output TXT file

Thanks in advance!

*** EDIT ***
DropBox link to Console TXT file, probably of more use than the Output TXT file above.

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@pierotofy @smathermather @coreysnipes @Saijin_Naib

Any ideas people? I need to complete this, find out what the problem is so I can process the next task flawlessly.

Just guessing, but drop the creation of the PNG and CSV? Try re-running but just saving as GeoTIFF and LAS instead

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Thanks, will do and report back here.

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@Saijin_Naib Thanks for the suggestions, looks like that helped some. Now it is getting stuck at “Compressing”, see fresh console.txt below.

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OK, I might have chanced upon a possible problem. I was getting bored and decided to fiddle with the plugins, deleted GCP Pro (it was an old version) and tried to load a new version, it would not be accepted as the device is out of space.

So, I go to Docker to see how I can increase the VM’s disk space, except I cant find anything as the setting is currently maxed out (on the default setting). I’ll have to search here a little longer, I think I saw something on how to do this recently.

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Soooo, this one thing seems to escaped the people in the know viewing this thread. WebODM has (had?) a bug where the DEM / Orthophoto didn’t accept decimal input. I too have this in my settings.

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I think your report preceded this bug. The bug got introduced a couple days ago.

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I’ve updated to latest build (at time of writing) and will leave it running over night to see if the outcome is different.

Quick question: is it necessary to select the GCP definition file together with the images, or will WebODM pick it up automatically from the same folder the selected images are located? I’ve been selecting it with the images to date.

I finally got the task to complete, and then another thereafter. I had to enable the “optimize disk space” option. It turns out, gauging from processing time, my datasets are small enough to rerun if something goes wrong.


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