How long for a task to complete, looks like it’s hanging (Lightning)

2 hours 20 minutes ans still at the same place.

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What is the scenery like in this dataset? Does it contain a lot of off-nadir imagery, like a tower orbit or something?

It is forestry plain Mapping
257 images taken with a DJI Matrice 300 with ZenMuse lense

Should look like this, we already have a low resolution ortho mosaic and need a hi Res version for more precise work.

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still going or hang ?

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My gut feeling is still going…

Incidentally, this is the reason I always add --debug and --verbose to my tasks. I like seeing more detailed messages/log entries.

Ok then i will wait
I’m going to let it run all night but seems very long for 257 images !

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Does the non contiguous zone could be a problem ?

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Certainly could be…

For future runs, I might include --auto-boundary.

OK it took 5 hours 34 minutes for rouhgly 20 hectares
next time will try witout the 3D model

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Bumping up the --mesh-octree-depth can really make a big time penalty for processing… I’d be careful of whether or not you actually need it if you’re looking to process fast with 3D down the road.

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