How long do you leave Docker before you “call it”?

MacStudio, M1 (10C) CPU, 64 GB memory - running Ventura.
The attached photo is my screen trying to do something (anything) with Docker.
How many hours do you let this go before you call it?
I have quit out of it and Web ODM, shut down the computer, re started and re- opened and I get the message that “Docker Desktop Stopped “on the screen, message from WebODM that Docker has been installed but is not communicating and to close and reopen docker directly and when I do I get the same message. I have closed out, shut down,re-started, several times. I have lost every file that I successfully loaded because I have also done the Clean/Purge as well as the Reset to factory defaults multiple times in an attempt to get it to work again.

So my question for you is: how much is enough time?

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I confess after about five minutes of that I would probably force quit Docker Desktop, choose the uninstall option in troubleshooting (the bug icon next to the gear), and re-download it from

I have a M1 MBP running Ventura 13.1 with 10 CPUs and 64 GB of RAM and I haven’t had this trouble. Never used a Mac Studio though.

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I might have you open an issue with Docker and collect some support data/logs since we got it working and now, seemingly out of nowhere, it has broken itself again.

I’ve emailed you about setting up another Support session.

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