How is sharing done with WebODM to clients?

Can anyone tell me how to set up sharing with WebODM or possibly direct me to a youtube video that explains how?


What information do you want to share?

Hi @Brandon,

For most use cases including sharing orthophotos, DEMs and Point Clouds, you can use DroneDB


Welcome Brandon!

Most folks self-host WebODM for the full suite of tools, or others have used DroneDB like Isreal mentioned.

We don’t have a ready-made guide yet, but in practice it should not deviate much at all from the standard Linux/Docker setup instructions here (once you have your server/hosting sorted out):

Popular hosts are DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, and Azure.

If you search here on the Community, there are yet other servers/providers folks have used.

Orthomosaic uploads! but I think I figured it out :grinning:

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I am computer challenged, i don’t have a linux system and I looked at DigitalOcean and it was way above my head. I am looking for a place to share my Orthomosaic’s with tools to measure and annotate for my clients. I have figured out DroneDB but it appears no tools are available there. I would like to use a server that’s provides the tools for my clients to do their work with. I am just a Drone service company and not a Developer/Builder/Construction company. So measuring and annotating sites is not my job function for them.

Any help in where I need to go would be greatly appreciated. I may have to hire some help if DigitalOcean is the place I need to go.

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Understood, Brandon!

I’m also not a Webdev/services person, so no worries there.

Have you had a chance to poke through DigitalOcean’s help/FAQ to see what the general process would be like?

Yes, DroneDB is still evolving and new features and functions are being added all the time, but we are not fully mature there yet, so tools are not implemented in the WebUI.

It also might not be the worst thing to hire professional help to get hosted so you can be sure it is done right, secured, and how you want it. I think once you have a really good template like that somewhere like DigitalOcean, you’d be set up for success in terms of maintaining it going forward. Or at the least, that’s how I would (personally) approach it.

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I still have a few questions.
Does the server host the ODM program? Which then you access through your computer, also giving access to clients (with tools)? View the below file to see if I understand the setup

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Pretty much spot on! Only sort of detail point would be WebODM would be what you’d want to host (like I said prior, most likely using the Linux/Docker instructions from our GitHub), as WebODM is the graphical front-end to our suite of tools, of which ODM is one (a console/text-mode tool).

As you got to in your graph, securing it using Groups, Users, Roles, Permissions is essential to make sure that only the right folks have access to certain things and datasets.

I assume you’ll be doing your processing either locally or on Lightning, right? If so, then you don’t need a massive DigitalOcean droplet (or other VM) as there should not be much heavy lifting happening.

I assuming I have 2 options:
1 Run ODM on my local computer for processing my drone data to Orthomosaic’s and uploading the Ortho to the Server hosting my WebODM. then share as I need from WebODM
2 Or use the server Hosting WebODM to process my Drone Data to Orthomosaic and share as needed.

Is taht about it?

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Oh one more question. How would you load Buisness WebODM Advance to the server instead of just WebODM?

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  1. Yep
  2. Yep. But this could be costly to process/host in DigitalOcean
  3. Process in Lightning and upload to hosted WebODM to share.

As for loading WebODM Business Advance, I’m not sure what you mean.

Nevermind on the last i miss spoke, but can you do Cad overlays with WebODM?

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You mean loading a DWG or DXF? No. Something like QGIS is more suited for that.

So would it be better to Host QGIS on the server and uploading the Orthomosaics?

QGIS is not a web application. You’d need to host an entire virtualized operating system and desktop environment, and have people connect to that operating system via something like VNC or RDP. I would not recommend this path.

If they need to do CAD workflows, working locally is probably best, where QGIS can be installed on their machines.

Ok then! So how does hosting WebODM help me on a server. It has no share option for my clients or is there an plug-in for this. That I may not be aware of.

If you host WebODM on a server that is internet/public facing, your clients can log into that same server using their credentials (which you create) to access their datasets (which you can process locally or on Lightning to then upload to that server). Once they access their data, they can use the WebODM interface to view the 2D Map and associated products as well as the 3D map and associated products.

They can generate contours using the Contours plugin, and export these to various formats. They can do 2D/3D measurements. They can export image products from the Map view. However, they can not import CAD assets (DXF/DWG) to work with as WebODM does not have this functionality.

It would be very similar to them having WebODM running on their own personal machine for the purposes of viewing.

Thanks Saijin Naib,

Sorry for all my questions. I have a big learning curve to over come when it comes to working all this out.

Many Thanks,



All good!

Some sort of guide for this is on my tasklist, so you’re in good company, haha.

Is it making any more sense?

Here’s a demo instance so you can get an idea of what this might look like deployed: