How expensive is this component: Applanix APX-18 GNSS-IN?

Hello, I am in awe of the OpenMMS project, and I read in this part: “OpenMMS Hardware — The OpenMMS Project Version 1.3 documentation”, that the component is very expensive (Applanix APX-18 GNSS-IN).

In Mexico it is really difficult to obtain those prices. Could someone give me an approximate price, just for the purpose of fantasizing that one day I could build my own OpenMMS?




@ryan.brazeal might know.


I just sent a request. I will let you know if I learn anything.


I spoke to someone from OpenMMS. The total cost of an OpenMMS system with the Livox MID40 LIDAR is around $23,500 USD, where 80-90% of the cost of the system is the APX-18 sensor and antennas.

I had hoped it would be a most a couple grand for the APX-18. I am told it is a “very good” sensor, but I don’t think we need the kind of accuracy that achieves.

If the APX-18 sensor could be replaced with a different GNSS+Inertial sensor, the system cost could be much less. They suggested I look in to this company and it seems like this product may offer promise there:

I haven’t found a price for that yet, but it seems like it will be much cheaper than the APX-18. Of course, someone would have to integrate it with the OpenMMS too.

Our big drone arrives next week and we will use it for photogrammetry, but I may see what we can get with the OpenRTK330 if its reasonably priced.


The Aceinna sensor is only $400! Here’s what they told me:

The dev kit /evaluation kit for the OpenRTK330 is available for purchase for $395 (there may be an additional 25% tariff).

Hopefully in a couple of weeks we will have them available in our distribution channel, until then, you can purchase directly from Aceinna, but I will have to check on lead times.

We are also in beta-testing phase of our GNSS/RTK corrections streaming service (OpenARC), which will be available for an annual subscription of $399. This pairs seamlessly with the OpenRTK330, and I can set you up for a free trial.

It will be very interesting to see if that would work with OpenMMS. I may get one to evaluate.


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