How does ODMWeb calculate the volume

Hi all !

I just arrive here in this forum
I use a Macvic 2 Pro

I want to use it to compare volume before and after earthwork.
I mean : I work in a land, I do my fly and i save my pictures. After there are some earthwork that change de topography of the land. I do the same plan of fly again.
I would like to compare the difference between before and after the earthwork.

I’ve seen on ODMWeb that I can mesure the volume.
I’d would like to know how the volume is calculated. Is it from the lowest point that ODM calcul the volume ?
Is it possible to put compare the two flys on the same project : to calculate the difference between before and after the earthwork ?

Thanks so much for your help

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The GRASS script that computes volume is:

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Please explain how to use the script. How to run it to compare

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Hi, did you figure out how to compare the volumes from 2 fly byes in the same project?

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Hi @pierotofy,

This link does not exist anymore. Can you provide the present link? And provide more details on how it is can be used separately only to measure volume?


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