How do you create 3D textures with split-merge

I found in a locked thread from Dec '20 that split-merge does not generate a 3d texture.

Is there a work around? I am looking to create 3D models of fairly large areas and will need to use the split merge functions due to computing power limits.

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No known workarounds; merging textured 3D models automatically is an active area of research. Although OpenMVS’s author is doing some interesting work in this regard. So maybe in a future release…

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Any data set over 250 images I get an Exit Error Code 1 Returned Child 137 - which looks from other post to mean my laptop ran out of memory.

What are my options for processing say 1000 image data sets outside of getting a high end pc since split-merge will not get me the 3d texture I am most interested in creating.

Have you checked out ?

Disclaimer: I run the service.

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