How do I link to the STDOUT/STDERR of the ODM docker from outside?

Is it possible to “link” into the STDOUT/STDERR for the ODM processing within the docker container from outside of the container, maybe from SSH?


Could you tell us what you’re trying to do?

Well, I’m trying to help a member of the QGIS Open Day Telegram group with their inquiry:


I guess the idea is to be able to SSH into the machine/docker instance from another remote machine (at home?) to monitor the job status via STDERR/STDOUT while they’re away from the office.

I don’t think we need to worry about the traps of NAT/etc. as they’ve already linked to their WebODM instance to let us preview data they collected/processed.

If you launch docker with the -ti option, you can see the stderr/stdout.

You can also get the output using docker logs <containerId>.


Many thanks, Piero.

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