How do I change the port from localhost:8000 to another port number?

I’ve forked Webodm and im trying to change a few things here and there, one of it is changing the port number from 8000 to something else. Ive been failing at it badly. i tried to make a few changes to the file and changed all the occurrences of 8000 to 8989 but for some reason when i make the change and run ./webodm update nothing changes. what do you think is wrong?

How do i make changes to the files and see it reflect on my docker?
how can i change the port from the default port to another port of a desired value?

Do an quick search on here. There are two similar queries with this answered in the past week: one focused on switching to port 80 and the other focused on https.


And good luck! Feel free to ask any more questions on those relevant threads.

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