How could I use opendronemap for gravity irrigation systematization projects

Hello, I would like to know how you could manage land systematization projects for flood irrigation (gravity).
I have processed the images, I have placed GPC on the map and I have taken their points with an RTK gps and there I got stuck.
I’m going to look at how to process the GCP that did not seem complicated the video that I saw, but I do not know how to extract the data from each point with its elevation, latitude and longitude to, for example, excel.

Someone can tell me if I’m doing well and how to give the machine operators the data obtained in the field.

Thank you

PS: I use google tranlator, so im sorry if something goes wrong.


I’m trying to understand your project. I’m not sure I understand the process. I usually prepare the gcp file prior to processing the photos. I use qgis to view the jpg’s and derive (by cut and paste) the pixel cordinates of the control point on at least three jpg’s. I then make the gcp file which contains the real world coordinates ( usually a projected coordinate system - not latitude and longitude ) and the pixel coordinates for each photo. I then process the photos. Let me know if I completely missed your point. Cheers